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Cold Glue Systems

      Modular system control, the control and monitoring functions can be operated through the touch screen to achieve comprehensive visual operation through the central touch screen, ensure flexible and intuitive, and provide maximum reliability and quality for high-efficiency processing equipment and production. KQ cold glue gun, with the characteristics of ultra fast, ware-free electromagnetic and non-contact, spray glue line and dot accurately, even the smallest application. The glue can be sprayed on specific location of the carton and box products with the accuracy of millimeters at any speed, which minimizes the cleaning and installation time during production and reduces waste.


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  • Cold glue system review
    [Cold Glue Systems] Cold glue system review

    KQ cold glue system has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, good stability, easy maintenance, etc. It is fast and high-quality production of various cartons, four-hexagonal boxes, hamburger boxes, French fries boxes, folding sheets, document bags, manuals, and envelopes. It is a must-hav

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  • Why choose KQ gluing systems &cold glue systems?
    [Cold Glue Systems] Why choose KQ gluing systems &cold glue systems?

    KQ gluing system &cold glue systems have already experienced more than 10 years ,It divides of high pressure electronic gun,M-pressure gun,mist gun, multiple guns ,pneumatic gun multiple -hole gun of cold glue system etc All of cold glue guns ,installed on folder gluer machine ,assembly machine,pa

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  • Introduction of Cold Glue Systems
    [Cold Glue Systems] Introduction of Cold Glue Systems

    The cold glue system is an automatic auxiliary gluing equipment in the modern printing and packaging industry. It can be installed on processing equipment such as box gluers, paper bag machines, folding machines, and three-dimensional box machines. The glue can be adjusted according to product requi

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  • Cold Glue System Cold Glue Application Equipment
    [Cold Glue Systems] Cold Glue System Cold Glue Application Equipment

    Cold glue system cold glue application equipment Keqi Automation is a cold glue machine company focusing on the automation of packaging solution providers, specializing in the development of hot melt and cold glue application systemsDevelopment and production, the main products of the cold glue machine are plasma surface machine.DONGGUAN KEQI AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD

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  • Online shopping Future Trends
    [Cold Glue Systems] Online shopping Future Trends

    In recent years, the e-commerce industry has developed rapidly like a sudden rise, and online shopping has become a way of life for people. The report shows that the global express delivery business volume in 2018 was close to 100 billion pieces, an increase of more than 20% year-on-year; the

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