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1. Application field of double-sided tape applicator machine?
The application field of double side tape applicator machine used to e-commercial packages, electronic packages etc. 
2.what is plasma treatment? 
Plasma is the fourth state of a substance. It is an aggregation state of matter composed of ions, electrons, neutral particles, and photons. It is usually defined as the number of positive and negative charged particles formed when the atoms in the gas are ionized. Equal conductors. The plasma can be generated and maintained under low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure according to the environmental pressure in which the plasma is generated. Atmospheric cold plasma is a kind of plasma with a gas temperature close to room temperature and in a highly non-equilibrium state under atmospheric pressure, that is, high pressure.
3.What products can plasma treatment process?
Our plasma Treating equipment can process Laminating products,UV coating products,plastic products ,ink printer processing,furniture products and automotive industry.
Electronics manufacturing.
4.What are the advantages of plasma treatment over other methods?
Compared with other plasma processing methods, we have the following advantages:
(1)Superior Uniformity for Consistent Results
(2)Long Term Reliability
(3)Fast Processing Speeds
5.How long does the effect last while plasma treatment machine be treated?
It can not be determined, because the material itself may be because the nature of the post-processing by the post-processing of secondary pollution due to chemical reaction took place, the time to retain the treated surface is not determined. The timeliness of plasma surface treatment can generally be maintained for about 40 hours, and the effect is relatively ideal. Specific products require specific differences. ·How long can the processed parts be stored before subsequent processing? The storage time of the parts depends on the activation time and material. The minimum is a few minutes and the maximum can reach several months. Therefore, it is usually necessary to conduct field tests. Metal, ceramic, glass and elastomer: about 1 hour, plastic (excluding elastomer): days, weeks, months.
6.What is a Cold glue system?
Cold glue system is gluing automatically, It external on motor belts and package machines.

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