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Quality Control

KQ has over 13 years experiences for making gluing system, plasma treatment ,tape applicator machine, quality insurance system etc offset printing machinery.if you have any ideas or requirement ,pls connect with me. KQ raw materials are strictly tested before they are used to produce products. First, we purchase material samples and then conduct hardness testing, Then observe the appearance ,tolerance, composition. and finally check whether the inspection report  up to the standard. Then put into our metal processing department. 

KQ invested 10 million US dollars to purchase facilities for processing parts of KQ machinery, and our company has also undergone strict testing in terms of parts processing. The first piece confirmation is mainly to test the smoothness, concentricity, precision, etc. of the key parts. In the process, the inspectors will randomly check whether the parts on the machine are qualified or not of every 10 minutes. 
For modules, Ensure their qualities and functions. All products are assembled under constant humidity and temperature conditions to ensure that all materials are in the best performances. The modules are assembled by technicians, and then the technology of each module is measured. Parameters, performances, and other data, Finally whether the simulation module up to the standard requirements under the environment.
The finished products undergoes 48 hours of aging test, and the machine records the data, Save them for future reference. And finally reaches the standard and the finished product is delivered to the warehouse.
The last is the preparation before transportation. First, Order to the packaging and send the goods to the company’s packaging department. Pack the goods with wood, fix all the parts of the goods, prevent them from falling off during transportation and prevent their collisions, and strengthen all the goods. Goods protect all goods. After all the goods are assembled, note all the goods for easy search.
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