• Surface modification treatment of fibrous materials

    Fiber is often used for printing and dyeing treatment, but many fibers are polymer materials. In order to ensure its effect, in order to prevent the fiber from fading after printing and dyeing, the current fluent solution is to use plasma treatment, which can improve the hydrophilicity of the fiber.

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  • Application of Plasma surface treatment Machine in Plastic Toy Industry

    Customers often bring toy samples to the company, such as some small dinosaurs, small frogs and other accessories that need to be glued and printed, and ask how plasma can improve the effect.Toys are usually produced by injection molding in blocks, then glued and spliced together to form a toy, but

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  • Why choose KQ gluing systems &cold glue systems?

    KQ gluing system &cold glue systems have already experienced more than 10 years ,It divides of high pressure electronic gun,M-pressure gun,mist gun, multiple guns ,pneumatic gun multiple -hole gun of cold glue system etc All of cold glue guns ,installed on folder gluer machine ,assembly machine,pa

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