• Application of plasma surface treatment technology in plastic industry
    Due to the low surface tension of most plastic materials, many designs in the past tended to adapt to the use of materials. Nowadays, as long as the surface can meet the requirements of spraying or bonding after a certain plasma surface treatment, it can be used first. This material.In recent years,
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  • Cold glue system review
    KQ cold glue system has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, good stability, easy maintenance, etc. It is fast and high-quality production of various cartons, four-hexagonal boxes, hamburger boxes, French fries boxes, folding sheets, document bags, manuals, and envelopes. It is a must-hav
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  • Application of Plasma Surface Treatment in TP Bonding
    Based on the public’s aesthetics and market demand, more and more terminal products have increasingly heavier screen-to-body ratios. The concepts of various narrow bezels, ultra-narrow bezels, and no bezels are also popular in the industry. Consumers are not inferior to metal in their pursuit. The a
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