Application of plasma surface treatment technology in plastic industry

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plasma surface treatment

Application of plasma surface treatment technology in plastic industry

Due to the low surface tension of most plastic materials, many designs in the past tended to adapt to the use of materials. Nowadays, as long as the surface can meet the requirements of spraying or bonding after a certain plasma surface treatment, it can be used first. This material.

In recent years, cost and material use characteristics have become the dominant factors in product design, which has caused automakers to begin to focus on more plastic varieties. At present, PP, PC, ABS, SMC, various elastomers and various composite materials have been widely used in automobile manufacturing. In this case, it is necessary not only to deal with the mutual adhesion problem between the same material parts, but also to solve the mutual adhesion problem between different material parts. However, the past plasma surface treatment methods are obviously difficult to meet this processing process. Requirements.

In terms of plasma surface treatment effect, among all the current surface treatment methods, fluorination treatment has the best effect, which can make the material obtain permanent adhesion. However, this method will produce a lot of harmful gases, and the cost of exhaust gas treatment makes it difficult for most car manufacturers to accept.

plasma surface treatment technology

However, it is gratifying that the emergence of plasma surface treatment technology has brought an innovation to the plastics industry. Plasma surface treatment technology has the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection technology: The plasma surface treatment process is a gas-solid coherent reaction, which does not consume water resources and does not need to add chemicals

2. High efficiency: the entire process can be completed in a short time

3. Low cost: the device is simple, easy to operate and maintain, a small amount of gas replaces expensive cleaning fluid, and there is no waste liquid cost

4. More refined processing: able to penetrate into the inside of micro holes and recesses and complete the cleaning task

5. Wide applicability: Plasma surface treatment technology can realize the treatment of most solid substances, so the application field is very wide


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