Cold glue system review

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KQ cold glue system has the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, good stability, easy maintenance, etc. It is fast and high-quality production of various cartons, four-hexagonal boxes, hamburger boxes, French fries boxes, folding sheets, document bags, manuals, and envelopes. It is a must-have and is widely welcomed by various packaging manufacturers. It greatly improves production efficiency and saves glue costs on the packaging production line, and can meet various packaging production requirements at the same time.

cold glue systemAdvantage:

1.The system design is reasonable, and the control performance is stable and reliable.                                                                        2. The glue position, glue line length and glue dot spacing can be accurately set by the controller to ensure the glue quality of the box.

3. The glue quantity of each spray gun can be adjusted individually.

4. Reduce the consumption of glue.

5. Save the time of cleaning the paste cylinder and reduce labor intensity.KQ cold glue system can help paste box application manufacturers to improve product quality and production efficiency. 

KQ's cold glue spraying system replaces the traditional roller gluing process, and can spray different adhesives according to different application requirements for linear gluing, seaming, and bottom locking. Glue on two or four or six corners, and glue see-through skylights, etc.

The high-speed electronic spray gun can greatly improve the accuracy of the cold glue spraying position, and the spray gun can reach a speed of 500 times per minute.

The 6:1 high-pressure piston pump can meet the needs of large quantities, and at the same time it can effectively protect the characteristics of the glue.

KQ Lejiao glue spray system helps improve the bonding quality of corrugated boxes, and is the first choice for applications such as corrugated box lining bonding and hook bottom seaming. The corrugated gluing work can help achieve rapid conversion and maximize production efficiency. Choose to spray glue on the side strips or on the fourth panel to cooperate with the production of in-folding or out-folding corrugated boxes.

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