Domestic cold glue machine advantage

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Domestic cold glue machine advantage  

cold glue machines

1. The price advantage, compared with the cold glue machines of major foreign brands, our domestic price is lower than that of foreign ones with the same configuration. In the past, when most printing and packaging factories received orders, when their existing machines could not meet the production requirements, they had only two options, either to purchase expensive foreign glue spray systems, or to discard the order. Reed's glue spraying machine can be sprayed accurately when it is produced. The glue head can be suitable for any high-speed production. The working frequency of the glue head is 1 time in 0.02 milliseconds. The glue spraying machine controller is powerful and easy to operate. It has multiple functions of hot glue, cold glue and double-sided glue.


2. Instead of roller gluing, for example, the cold glue spraying performance of Reed glue spraying machine helps glue box application manufacturers to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Nowadays, the price of the cold glue spraying machine produced by Ruide Electromechanical is not only affordable by major packaging manufacturers, but also can solve the unsolvable technological problems in production for packaging manufacturers, and bring more orders and benefits. Very easy to use.


3. Advantages in service, we are more comprehensive and guaranteed in customer service, from providing customers with production plans, to installation and commissioning, final after-sales service, training and a series of services, we are the most timely and comprehensive .

So what are the advantages of the cold glue spray system produced by Reid? Reid has focused on the research and development of related auxiliary equipment in the box-gluing packaging industry for many years.

With years of accumulated technical experience in the packaging industry, combined with the technology of foreign industry predecessors, the company has become a domestic company through continuous research and development. A manufacturer capable of independently producing cold glue spraying machines.


4. Advantages in quality. The cold glue spraying machine produced by Reid is not only lower in price than foreign spraying machines, but also comparable in quality and function to the spraying machines of major foreign brands, or even beyond A glue spraying machine of a certain brand in the United States. Reid's cold glue spraying machine replaces the traditional roller gluing process.

It can spray different adhesives according to various application requirements. It can be used for linear gluing and seaming, bottom locking, and 2 or 4 Or gluing on the 6 corners and bonding see-through skylights, etc., not only can solve the process that cannot be completed by roller gluing, but also improve product quality, but also save glue and reduce costs. Then packaging manufacturers are bound to get rid of the dilemma.

This chapter summarizes:

In this increasingly fierce competition in the global market, domestic production companies will gradually go out of the country and have their own foothold in the field of production and packaging.

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