The performance and advantages of cold glue system

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The performance and advantages of cold glue system

The main components of the cold glue spray system: glue supply system device, intelligent glue spray controller, cold glue spray gun, cold glue conveying components have the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility, good stability, easy maintenance, etc., are fast, high-quality production of various The necessary machines for paper boxes, folding sheets, document bags, and imitation bills are now widely welcomed by packaging manufacturers. The packaging production line has greatly improved production efficiency and saved glue costs. It can also support a variety of different Packaging production requirements, is the best partner for high-end folder gluers, folding machines, and corrugated box machines.

cold glue spray system

The microprocessor controller is suitable for all kinds of high-speed production machines, because the multi-functional design of this controller relies on the programmable glue gun, which can achieve very ideal results regardless of the product requirements for very precise glue spray. In addition, the spray gun The work is stable, the service life is long, and the injection of cold glue can be controlled quickly and accurately;

In the spraying mode, the glue consumption can be saved to the greatest extent under the condition of ensuring the production quality; the dot-line alternating mode can be operated alternately, and accurate glue can be guaranteed in both the shutdown and high-speed operation states; the structure design is reasonable, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. It is currently the best technical solution in the cold glue spray market.

If the encoder is not used, the speed of the machine is set constant. The controller can be controlled by an encoder, regardless of whether the speed of the machine is variable or timed. Can the spray gun be used for high-frequency spray point or spray line spraying? The spray gun can achieve precise gluing at any high-speed production speed, and the spray gun can handle medium and low viscosity glue. The controller can retain a variety of different glue spraying modes and can manipulate multiple glue guns (channels), and each gun can be freely programmed to spray a variety of different glue spray patterns.

In the fields of cartons, cartons, envelopes, folding, etc., Reid glue dispenser solutions effectively support the high demands of various processes. The quality of packaging often depends on its appearance, so the glue spray system must be able to spray glue correctly and without dripping, tailing or flying silk.

Different adhesives can be sprayed according to various application requirements, used for straight line gluing and seaming, bottom locking, gluing on 2 or 4 or 6 corners, and bonding see-through skylights, etc. The glue dispenser system can help paste box application manufacturers to improve product quality and production efficiency. The cold glue spraying system uses a glue pump to efficiently provide the glue application pressure required for the glue box; the equipped spray gun works stably, has a long life, and can quickly, accurately and accurately control the application of cold glue.

Due to the different production needs of users, different numbers of spray guns and detection electric eyes can be equipped. The Gluing System of Reed Glue Gluing Machine can improve the production efficiency of carton manufacturing and completely replace the original roller gluing method. The beautiful and generous intelligent control interface of the controller is simple and easy to use, which can be set and monitored at any time according to the needs of production, and has the humane advantages of maintenance, maintenance, and mobile convenience. In the domestic packaging industry, Ruide has always been a leader in the application of cold glue spraying technology.


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