Why choose KQ gluing systems &cold glue systems?

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KQ gluing system &cold glue systems have already experienced more than 10 years ,It divides of high pressure electronic gun,M-pressure gun,mist gun, multiple guns ,pneumatic gun multiple -hole gun of cold glue system etc.

cold glue systems

All of cold glue guns ,installed on folder gluer machine ,assembly machine,paper shopping bag making machine ,flexo folder gluer machine etc by flexibility ,Specialize in the manufacturing, packaging and sealing of items such as corrugated boxes, cartons(), books, bags, and pharmaceutical products across the Corrugated, Packaging, Envelope, Folding Carton, Print Finishing, Nonwovens, Tissue/Core Winding, Wood, Automotive, Product Assembly, Textile, Coating, Laminating, and Bag Manufacturing Industries.

cold glue system

KQ cold glue system has easy maintain,touch screen for easy operation ,Today’s cardboard packaging market demands more and more personalization with shorter production runs and boxes with shapes as diverse as they are varied.Glue dispense application applicated in folder gluer machine and folding machine ,There are features that save glue,high-speed,it has variety of shape for gluing examples:dot\line\line-dot\dot-line etc flexible glue examples.

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