Problems in digital printing and 3D printing industry

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      The surface printing results of special materials such as rubber, different types of silicone, PE products, PP products are not satisfactory. Generally with the problems such as easy to scratch and cannot print. Sometimes the ideal printing effect can not be achieved, and the cost will be increased even processing by adding a base layer, baking and other processing techniques.

      In response to the above issues, KQ team processed rubber and silicone samples with KQ plasma surface treatment system and explain to customers in detail how to use the machine.

      It is easy, convenient and flexible to use KQ plasma machine. After explanation, customer’s staff could simply get started, and the processed result almost the same as our engineers. 

      Testing result

      The printed pattern is clear and smooth after the surface of material processed with plasma, and the adhesion is improved.

      After testing, it is showed that the printing effect processed with plasma is greatly improved, whatever rubber or silicone products. Judging from the test result, the problem of silicone products printing can be effectively solved.

      Customer feedback that the manual test results using plasma processing have reached the printing requirements.

      KQ plasma surface treatment system will not cause damage of the structure and can improve the surface adhesion whatever rubber or silicone or any other type of special products. On the one hand, it can reduce the processing process of traditional printing methods and production costs. On the other hand, it will create new marker to the customers, and open up a new market for them.

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