Introduction of Cold Glue Systems

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The cold glue system is an automatic auxiliary gluing equipment in the modern printing and packaging industry. It can be installed on processing equipment such as box gluers, paper bag machines, folding machines, and three-dimensional box machines. The glue can be adjusted according to product requirements of different sizes and shapes. It is widely used in corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, high-end gift boxes, three-dimensional boxes, express bags, books and periodicals and other industries.

The Cold glue application system is an efficient and convenient auxiliary packaging equipment in the modern printing and packaging industry. It sets the spraying requirement parameters of different products through program control, detects the gold crossing of the product on the online operation with an electric eye, and sets automatic spraying strictly according to the program .


Speed and accuracy: at a speed of 300 meters/molecule, the sizing accuracy can reach ±2mm.

Stability: High-pressure piston pump and controller information transmission, and is equipped with an automatic voltage regulator device to ensure the size of the glue.

Simple operation: using the man-machine dialogue mode, the control and monitoring functions of the functional modules, the Military Academy of Sciences realizes comprehensive visual operation through the central touch screen.

cold glue systems

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