What is the effect of plasma surface treatment machine on materials?

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For the plasma surface treatment machine, the customer’s request is very simple, that is, to spend the least money to solve the problem of their own products. As for what process is used, it does not matter. In fact, there is some truth to this. Who would be interested in machines.

Adjusting the effect of plasma cleaning machine is mainly from the following aspects, power, gas, power supply, vacuum pump, atmospheric pressure or vacuum, cleaning time, vacuum level, and gas configuration ratio and other parameters to adjust. In many cases, these process parameters are adjusted bit by bit. Unless similar materials have been processed before, the process adjustments will be saved in the database.

It is not easy to adjust the parameters, especially when testing Teflon, ceramics, and silica gel, it takes more time, even if it is the same machine and the same parameters, as long as one of the parameters is slightly changed, then cleaning The effect will be much different.

Before the plasma treatment equipment processes the material, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the material surface

Everyone knows that plasma equipment has almost no restrictions on the materials to be processed. Almost all materials can be processed, but the thickness of plasma treatment is not high, only a few to tens of nanometers. If there are too many contaminants on the surface of the material, it may even be Wet, then plasma cleaning is definitely not effective. Plasma cleaning machine is called plasma cleaning in name, but in fact it modifies the surface of the material instead of cleaning. After the surface of the material is modified by plasma, it can significantly improve the bonding, spraying and electroplating ability of the material surface.

But if you just remove the contaminants on the surface of the material, you can consider ultrasonic washing with water. Various cleaning agents can be added to the water, and high-temperature vibration can achieve a good cleaning effect. After the ultrasonic cleaning is completed, the drying process can be carried out.

In practical applications, the surface of the material is usually cleaned with ultrasonic first, and then the surface of the material is modified with plasma.

The vacuum plasma cleaner is very particular about the amount of gas introduced, the cleaning time, and the order of the gas introduced.

The advantage of vacuum plasma over atmospheric pressure plasma is that it can easily adjust various cleaning processes, and can control a series of parameters such as gas and time. Many times, because of the particularity of the cleaning material, multiple gases are often used. For example, the same object is treated with hydrogen first, and then treated with oxygen or other gases. It takes a complete process to achieve the desired effect. Of course, these parameters will be set in the factory. When they are used on site, they can be used directly according to the process.

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