What Is Plasma Treatment Equipment?

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What Is Plasma Treatment Equipment?

Plasma Treatment Equipment also called plasma surface treatment instrument, is a new high-tech technology that uses plasma to achieve normal the effect that cannot be achieved by the conventional cleaning method. What are the specific functions of the Plasma systems at a glance?

Cleaning and etching are the biggest advantages of plasma surface treatment machines, which can remove invisible organic pollutants and surface adsorption layers, and the film layer on the surface of the workpiece. An ultra-precision cleaning treatment can solve the problem of adhesion on the surface of the workpiece. For example, when cleaning, The working gas often uses oxygen. After it is bombarded by accelerated electrons into oxygen ions and free radicals, it is extremely oxidative. Contamination on the surface of the workpiece. Such as grease, flux, photosensitive film, mold release agent, punch oil, etc., will soon be oxidized into carbon dioxide and water, which will be pumped away by the vacuum pump, So as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface and improving the wettability and adhesion. Low-temperature plasma treatment only involves the surface of the material and does not affect the material the nature of the subject has an impact. Since the plasma cleaning is carried out under high vacuum, the various active ions in the plasma The process is very long, their penetration and penetration are very strong, and they can handle complex structures, including thin tubes and blind holes.

The application of Plasma systems at a glance obtains a new surface structure through the deposition of submicron highly connected thin films, and enhances the spraying and surface treatment. The effect is to form a hydrophobic, oleophobic, hydrophilic, and shielding coating.

plasma treatment equipment

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