What Is Plasma Surface Treatment Machines?

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What Is Plasma Surface Treatment Machines?

Plasma Surface Treatment Machines is widely used in the folding carton, corrugated cardboard box flexible material processing industry. It can increase surface tension, surface cleaning, surface activation, and other functions. At present, it has developed a variety of models such as a single nozzle, double nozzle, three nozzles, and a rotating nozzle. The ejected is low-temperature plasma, shaped like a flame, but will not ignite the packaging box.

The most important part of the Plasma systems at a glance is the plasma generator and plasma spray gun. The generation of atmospheric plasma is achieved by discharging in the plasma spray gun. Air is introduced into the spray gun, the gas becomes plasma through electric discharge, and the generated plasma is directed to the surface of the product to be processed. The spray gun structure confines the charged arc within the nozzle, and the nozzle also determines the geometry of the plasma generated.

The spray gun energy of the Plasma systems at a glance is based on different nozzle specifications. The speed of the rotary spray gun relative to the material to be processed is 150m/min. The Plasma Surface Treatment machines is suitable for a variety of different subsequent processing processes, including Printing, bonding, coating, and plasma technology are almost suitable for industrial applications in various fields.

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