High Speed Paper Products and Plasma Surface Treatment System (THREE GUN)

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KQ# High Quality Paper Products and Plasma Surface Treatment

Vacuum plasma surface treatment


* By using cold glue or common adhesives, it can reduce glue consumption and cost.
* It can treat cartons fast and manufacture cartons with the folding and gluing machines, having greatly improved production efficiency.
* No trace will be left on treated surfaces. This process also reduces bubble occurrence.柜式直喷3枪等离子-透明背景 

1.Plasma processing can make PP filmed cartons firmly glued by water based glue. Being environmentally friendly, the plasma process eliminates mechanical sanding, drilling, dust and scrapes, and conforms to package safety requirements on food and medicine.

2.  The safety level reaches the European Union standard, multiple protection switch, fault alarm, obtained the European CE certification, safety is guaranteed.

3.  Prevent the gluing effect is good, enhance the product surface tension value, improve adhesion, reduce the use cost of special glue.

4.  Flexible supporting, easy to install, easy to understand, can be installed on most equipment.Safety, energy saving, environmental protection.

5. Our company started as the earliest plasma equipment, has a long history, a long brand history, the industry's largest, 08 R& D mass production and sales.

6.  It has a wide range of materials and two types of equipment.


Features of Vacuum plasma surface treatment

1. Large processing space, increase processing capacity, adopt PLC control system, and accurately control the operation of equipment.

2. Can be customized according to customer needs to meet customer needs.

3. Low maintenance cost, convenient for customer cost control.

4. High precision, fast response, good controllability and compatibility, perfect functions and professional technical support.

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