The principle of plasma surface treatment

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The temperature of the neutral particles is close to room temperature, which provides suitable conditions for improving the surface of the thermosensitive polymer. Through low-temperature plasma surface treatment, many physical and chemical changes occur on the surface of the material, or etching occurs, or a dense cross-linked layer is formed, or an oxygen-containing polar group is introduced to make it hydrophilic, adhesive, and dyeable Performance, biocompatibility and electrical properties can be improved.

1. The surface treated by plasma technology, whether it is plastic, metal or glass, can improve the surface performance. Through such a treatment process, the surface state of the product can fully meet the requirements of subsequent coating and bonding processes.

2. Atmospheric pressure plasma technology has a very wide range of applications, which makes it a core surface treatment process that has attracted much attention in the industry. By using this innovative surface treatment process, the goals of high quality, high reliability, high efficiency, low cost and environmental protection pursued by modern manufacturing processes can be achieved.

3. The plasma state is called the fourth state. We know that adding energy to the solid state can make it into a liquid state, adding energy to the liquid state can make it into a gas state, and adding energy to the gas state can make it into a plasma state.

4. The application of plasma surface treatment equipment in the printing and packaging industry, the use of plasma surface processor to treat the glue surface process can greatly improve the bonding strength, reduce the cost, the bonding quality is stable, the product consistency is good, and no dust is generated.

5. The application of plasma surface processor in the automotive industry has been widely used in car lights, various rubber seals, interior trim, brake pads, wipers, oil seals, dashboards, airbags, bumpers, antennas, engine seals , GPS, DVD meters, sensors, car door seals, etc.

plasma surface treatment equipment

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