Plasma surface treatment equipment is used in display

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Plasma surface treatment equipment is used in display

In the electronics industry, the plasma surface treatment equipment is a key technology that can achieve cost-effective and reliable processes. Before printing a conductive coating on a printed circuit board, plasma activation treatment, fine cleaning of plasma surface treatment equipment and electrostatic removal treatment are carried out. It can ensure that the coating is firmly attached, and the use of surface plasma cleaning technology in the field of chip packaging eliminates the need for a vacuum chamber.

plasma surface treatment equipment

Plasma surface treatment equipment must first perform plasma treatment on the plastic window part. Due to the use of plasma technology, the surface performance of the material is improved, so the coating distribution is more uniform, which not only creates an impeccable product appearance, but also greatly reduces the production process. Rejection rate.

Application of plasma treatment equipment in FPC circuit board industry

As the substrate of electronic components, printed circuit boards are conductive. (Plasma surface treatment equipment) This brings challenges to the use of atmospheric pressure technology to process printed circuit boards. Any surface pretreatment method, even if it only brings a small potential , It may cause a short circuit (plasma surface treatment equipment), which may cause damage to the layout and electronic devices.

For this type of electronic applications, the special performance of plasma processing technology opens up new possibilities for industrial applications in this field.

Application of plasma processing equipment in silicon wafer and chip industry

Silicon wafers, chips and high-performance semiconductors are extremely sensitive electronic components. With the development of these technologies, low-pressure plasma technology has also developed as a manufacturing process. 

The development of plasma technology under atmospheric pressure has opened up a new application potential (plasma surface treatment equipment), especially for the trend of fully automated production, plasma cleaners have played a vital role.

plasma surface treatment equipment

Application of plasma treatment equipment in mobile phone industry

In today's consumer electronics market, in addition to pure technical functions, (plasma surface treatment equipment) design, appearance and feel are also the main factors that affect the purchase decision. High-quality housing design is especially important for mobile phones. While considering the overall quality and design, manufacturers are constantly seeking to adopt environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies (plasma surface treatment equipment) and avoid the use of systems with volatile organic compounds.

Atmospheric plasma cleaning machine processing has been used in the mobile phone industry for many years, which can make the mobile phone obtain a high-quality appearance

The ultra-fine cleaning provided by plasma energy removes all particles. (Plasma surface treatment equipment) The plastic shell has a higher surface tension, which can significantly improve the dispersion and adhesion of the coating, so that water-based paint can be used. The scrap rate in the production process can be greatly reduced. (Plasma surface treatment equipment) Plasma technology can be integrated into the existing coating production line. The production speed is increased and the cost is significantly reduced.


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