Introduction of Plasma surface treatment machine

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Plasma surface treatment equipment is one of the most effective treatment processes for surface cleaning, activation and coating. It can be used to treat various materials, including plastic, metal or glass.

Plasma surface treatment machine cleans the surface and can clear the release agent and additives on the surface. During its activation, it can ensure the quality of the subsequent bonding process and coating process. For the coating treatment, it can be further Improve the surface characteristics of the composite. Using plasma surface treatment technology, the surface pretreatment of materials can be performed efficiently and quickly according to specific process requirements.

Activation principle of plasma surface treatment machine

With air or oxygen plasma for activation, the non-polar hydrogen bonds of plastic polymers are replaced by oxygen bonds, which provide free valence electrons and liquid molecules on the surface, so that non-adhesive plastics have good adhesion and flexibility. Sprayability.

In vacuum plasma, in addition to air and oxygen, other gases can be used. These gases can adsorb nitrogen, amines or carbonyl groups as reactive groups in the position of oxygen. The surface activity after plasma cleaning machine treatment is within a few weeks And still valid after a few months. However, follow-up processing should be carried out as soon as possible, because as the aging continues, new stains will be adsorbed and the activity will be lost.

Use of plasma surface treatment machine

1. Plasma surface activation, cleaning, etc.

2. Bonding after plasma treatment.

3. Plasma etching, activation, etc.

4. Plasma to glue.

5. Plasma coating (hydrophilic, hydrophobic).

6. Increase state character.

7. Plasma coating.

8. Plasma ashing and surface modification and other occasions.

Plasma treatment technology is widely used in the pretreatment of profiles, plastic profiles, aluminum profiles or EPDM strips. The application of plasma technology in the automotive industry is becoming more and more mature.

Plasma pretreatment technology can be used in extrusion production lines to pretreat plastic or elastomer profiles so that they can better complete subsequent processes, such as coating or flocking.

The role of plasma treatment is to clean and activate the material. Since the plasma beam can be focused on the surface area that needs to be treated, the complex profile structure can also be effectively treated.

Advantages of plasma surface treatment machine

1. The pretreatment process is simple and efficient.

2. Even complex profile structures can be pre-treated in a targeted manner.

Plasma treatment surface machine

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