Four types of plasma surface treatment and material surface reaction

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The reaction between the plasma surface treatment machine and the surface of the material is both physical and chemical. Through the reaction, the surface of the material will become rough, and at the same time, the oxide can be reduced, making the surface of the material hydrophilic and cohesive. Dyeability, biocompatibility and electrical properties have been greatly improved.

The functions of plasma surface treatment equipment mainly include four types:

Plasma cleaning function

Plasma cleaning can remove inorganic substances or typical -CH organic pollutants and oxides on the surface of the matrix material. However, the thickness of plasma cleaning is only nanometers. If it is to remove oil and rust, it is necessary to replace other processes. Such as ultrasonic cleaning or sandblasting and other processes, plasma cleaning is mainly to improve the hydrophilic properties of the surface of the material, and has little effect on the material itself. As shown below:

plasma surface treatment equipment plasma surface treatment equipment

Plasma activation function

The plasma reacts with the matrix material to form three groups: C=O hydroxyl, -COOH hydroxyl, and -OH hydroxyl on the surface. These groups have a stable hydrophilic function and have a positive effect on adhesion.

Plasma can generate new active groups, significantly improve the chemical properties of the surface of the material, thereby enhancing the adsorption capacity and bonding ability of the material surface. As shown below:

plasma surface treatment equipment

Plasma etching effect

The principle of plasma etching is to use a typical gas combination star to clean and etch plasma, and chemically react with the matrix material to produce volatile gases such as CO, CO2, H2O, etc., so as to achieve the purpose of etching. The latest plasma processing equipment developed by Keqi plasma surface treatment equipment manufacturer has been put into use, but overall, domestic plasma etching machines are mainly imported. The machines used to do the etching are many companies that have a March machine in the United States

plasma surface treatment machine

Plasma grafting

The principle is that two or more gases or monomers enter the reaction chamber at the same time, and the gases will polymerize in a plasma environment. This application is more stringent than the activation and cleaning requirements. A typical application is the formation of a protective layer, which is used in fuel containers. , Anti-scratch surface, similar to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material coating, waterproof coating, etc.

Main features: The molecular chain on the surface of the material can be broken to produce new free radicals, double bonds and other active groups, followed by cross-linking, grafting and other reactions; at the same time, the active gas will polymerize on the surface of the material to produce a layer of deposition. The presence of the deposited layer will greatly improve the bonding, coating and printing of the material surface. as the picture shows:

plasma surface treatment machine

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