Difference between plasma surface treatment and corona treatment

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Plasma surface treatment is the use of plasma high-energy particles and the surface of organic materials to produce physical and skiing reactions, which can realize the activation, etching, and decontamination of the material surface, as well as the friction factors, adhesion and hydrophilicity of the materials. The purpose of performance improvement.

Corona treatment is a kind of electric shock treatment, which makes the surface of the substrate have higher adhesion. Most plastic films are non-polar polymers with low surface tension.

Known inks and adhesives cannot be attached firmly, so corona treatment is required on the surface to break the ski bonds of the molecules and degrade them, increasing the surface roughness and surface area.

A large amount of ozone is also generated during discharge. Ozone is a strong oxidant, which can oxidize plastic molecules to produce carbonyl groups and peroxides and other polar groups, thereby increasing its surface energy.

The method of plasma and corona is different. Corona can only handle very thin things, such as plastic films, and requires that the volume of the processed objects be not too large for wide-area processing.

The difference between plasma surface treatment machine and corona machine surface treatment:

1. In addition to discharge, plasma surface treatment also includes electro-voltaic discharge. The energy generated is stronger and can reach adhesion above 52 dyne, while corona machine generally can only achieve adhesion of 32-36 dyne.

2. The corona machine can handle materials with wide width and low adhesion requirements, such as cloth, film, plastic film and the like, while plasma surface treatment generally requires a single nozzle to process a width of only 50mm, which requires multiple nozzles. The combination can realize wide processing. The cost will be higher when processing wide format, but the processing effect will be better.

The similarities of plasma surface treatment machine and corona machine surface treatment:

1. Plasma surface treatment and corona machine surface treatment are both high-frequency and high-voltage glow discharge, and plasma is used to treat the surface of the material.

2. The role of plasma surface treatment and corona machine surface treatment: both can improve the adhesion of the material surface, which is conducive to bonding, spraying and printing processes.

3. All are on-line processing and assembly line production.

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