Common applications of plasma surface treatment machines

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Plasma surface treatment machine relies on electric energy to generate high voltage and high frequency energy. It can be used in textile industry, printing and packaging industry, digital industry, automobile manufacturing industry, hardware industry, furniture manufacturing industry and other industries. Let me introduce plasma surface treatment in detail below. Machine application to these industries.

Textile industry:

The plasma processor can optimize the pre-treatment process of the fabric, significantly improve the wettability, increase the pre-treatment efficiency, improve the dyeing and printing process, and make the process efficient and environmentally friendly, energy saving and emission reduction.

In the finishing process after printing and dyeing, the added value of the fabric is improved, and the fabric's antistatic property, pilling resistance, stain removal, and water and oil resistance have significant effects.

Printing and packaging industry:

Plasma treatment machine can specifically treat the surface of various materials such as UV, film, glazing, polymer, etc., to eliminate the problem of opening glue of various packaging boxes, improve work efficiency, reduce grinding pollution, eliminate paper powder pollution, save materials, and save Glue cost, etc.

Digital industry:

After the plasma surface treatment machine, the shell spraying of mobile phones, notebooks and other digital products, the bonding of LOGO and decorative strips, and the bonding of the display screen will not be easy to open the glue, which effectively enhances the adhesion of the surface and prevents the shell of digital products Paint stripping and keyboard text fading, etc., while effectively removing static electricity.

Automobile manufacturing industry:

Plasma surface treatment machines have been widely used in the German automotive industry, mainly for various types of automotive door and window rubber seals, interior decoration, car lights, partial spraying of air-conditioning air outlets, and used to increase car brake blocks, wipers, oil seals, and dashboards , The adhesion and sealing of the engine, etc., have a great technological improvement effect on waterproof, sound insulation and anti-falling.

Hardware industry, plastic industry:

All kinds of metal steels are pre-treated for spraying, and the surface is treated by plasma to remove static electricity and increase surface adhesion. The metal that has been sprayed can effectively prolong the service life, and its wear ability is more than twenty times that of the non-plasma treatment.

The plastics industry is mainly used in spraying and pre-treatment for bonding. The surface of the processed product will not fall off the paint, and the text will not fall off and fade.

Furniture manufacturing:

Plasma processor processing furniture, furniture painting pre-treatment, can be done without primer, to prevent the surface of the furniture from falling paint and exploding paint. Plasma technology has become a necessary process for making high-end furniture.

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