How to choose high quality plasma surface treatment machine manufacturers?

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How to choose high quality plasma surface treatment machine manufacturers?

The plasma surface treatment machine uses plasma to achieve effects that conventional cleaning methods cannot achieve. Plasma is a state of matter, also called the fourth state of matter, and it is not the standard three states of solid, liquid and gas. The plasma surface treatment machine uses the properties of these active components to treat the surface of the sample to achieve cleaning, coating and other purposes.

plasma surface treatment machineHow to treat the plasma surface treatment machine?

Common plasma surface treatment effects use contact angle measuring instruments, dyne pens, and surface energy test inks.

The contact angle measuring instrument is currently the most common and industry-recognized testing method for evaluating the effect of plasma surface treatment machines. The test data is accurate, the operation is simple and convenient, the repeatability and stability are high. The principle is to titrate a certain amount of droplets on the surface of a solid sample through the method of optical appearance contour, and quantitatively detect the contact angle of the droplet on the solid surface. The smaller the contact angle in it, the better the cleaning effect. In the early days, many practical evaluations of plasma treatment would use simple syringe dripping simple evaluation method, but this method can only be observed when the effect is obvious.

The dyne pen is a very easy-to-operate detection method that is widely used by enterprises. The principle is to judge the surface free energy of the solid sample surface through the wetting and contraction of different surface tension liquids with different values of dyne pens, and different surface tension liquids. However, this method is affected by dyne pens made by different manufacturers and manual operations, and the repeatability and stability are poor.


So how to choose a plasma surface treatment machine manufacturer?

First of all, according to the process requirements, select the appropriate plasma cleaning machine equipment, that is, atmospheric plasma cleaning machine or vacuum plasma cleaning machine.

Secondly, the choice of plasma surface treatment equipment brand is very important. At present, plasma surface treatment technology has been widely used, especially in developed countries, and Germany's plasma treatment technology is particularly leading in these countries. The domestic technology is still in its infancy. The more well-known plasma cleaners in Germany include TIGRES and Plasmatechnology GmbH.


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