Application of Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment

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Plasma surface treatment equipment

Application of Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment

Plasma surface treatment equipment can increase the surface tension, finely clean, remove static electricity, activate the surface and other functions. It is widely used in glass, metal, cable, rubber, plastic, paste box, paste box, rubber surface modification treatment.

Application of plasma surface treatment equipment in rubber and plastic industry

We have found in industrial applications that some rubber and plastic parts have difficulty in bonding when they are connected to the surface. This is because polypropylene, PTFE and other rubber and plastic materials are non-polar, and these materials are in the state without surface treatment. The effect of printing, bonding, coating, etc. under the conditions is very poor, or even impossible.

Some processes use some chemicals to treat the surface of these rubber and plastics, which can change the bonding effect of the materials, but this method is not easy to master. The chemicals themselves are toxic, the operation is very troublesome, and the cost is high. The original excellent properties of plastic materials will also have an impact.

Plasma technology is used for surface treatment of these materials. Under the bombardment of high-speed and high-energy plasma, the surface of these materials is maximized, and an active layer is formed on the surface of the material, so that rubber and plastic can be printed, bonded, Coating and other operations. The application of plasma technology to the surface treatment of rubber and plastic has simple operation, no harmful substances before and after treatment, good treatment effect, high efficiency and low operating cost.

Plasma surface treatment machine treats silica gel

Plasma was used to modify the surface of silicone rubber, and the photoelectron spectroscopy and contact angle measurement were used to study the effect of surface hydrophilic modification and surface dynamics. The results show that plasma treatment forms a coating on the surface of the silicone rubber through plasma polymerization, which can make the silicone rubber obtain good surface hydrophilicity and maintain this property.

Plasma processing equipment processing mobile phone shell

There are many types of mobile phones, and the appearance is even more colorful. The colors are bright and the logo is eye-catching. But everyone who uses the phone knows that after a period of use, the shell of the phone is easy to peel off, and even the logo becomes blurred, which seriously affects The appearance of the mobile phone.

In order to find a way to solve these problems, the well-known mobile phone brand manufacturers used chemicals to treat the plastic shell of the mobile phone. The effect of printing and bonding has been improved, but this is at the cost of reducing the hardness of the mobile phone shell in order to seek a better solution. Solution, plasma technology stands out. Plasma surface treatment technology can not only clean the oil stains left by the shell during injection molding, but also activate the surface of the plastic shell to the greatest extent, enhance its printing, coating and other bonding effects, making the coating on the shell and the substrate very firmly connected , The coating effect is very uniform, the appearance is more beautiful, and the abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced, and the paint will not be rubbed for a long time.

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