Application of Plasma Surface Treatment Equipment in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

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Power system and control system-improve the reliability of automotive electronic products

A large number of electronic systems with complex functions are used in automotive power and control systems, and these automotive electronic products need to be reliably sealed to improve the moisture and corrosion resistance of the components.

Among these key processes, the plasma surface treatment process can effectively clean and activate the surface of electronic products, improve the bonding force and reliability of subsequent injection molding and potting processes, and reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions such as delamination and pinholes, thereby packaging The electronic system operates safely and efficiently.

Car lights-improve the adhesion of different materials, tightly sealed and durable

Nowadays, automobiles use a large number of high-quality LED lights. During the production process, such as metal evaporation and shell bonding, plasma surface treatment technology can effectively improve the bonding force between materials and the overall light The airtightness prevents the key areas from being corroded by water vapor and improves the service life of the lights.

Sealing strip-improve coating and flocking adhesion

The sealing strip can better play the role of weatherproof and noise-proof. In order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to spray a functional coating on its surface. Plasma pretreatment before spraying technology can improve the product yield. , Enhance coating adhesion and uniformity.

Automobile windshield-environmental protection without primer installation process

When installing the windshield of a car, it is necessary to bond the edge of the glass panel to the body. Now, the plasma pretreatment process is used to achieve better adhesion, no VOCs, no chemical emissions, and in the traditional process It is necessary to use a chemical primer to treat the glass surface of this oil-coated ceramic. The volatiles of the solvent of these primers will be emitted into the car and the environment during vehicle production and daily use.

Automotive interiors-efficient and accurate pretreatment of complex structure of auto parts

Plasma technology can perform precise and rapid pretreatment of car interior parts with complex structures, dashboards, doors or other interior parts before painting, coating, in-mold decoration or in-mold labeling. Fast and uniform surface activation.

The treatment process only needs to inject industrial gases such as air, oxygen, argon, etc., which avoids the use of ski organic solvents in the traditional pretreatment process, and is safe and environmentally friendly.

Surface activation of automotive exterior-functional composite materials

Today's automotive exteriors are composed of different materials, from customized metals to composite materials, glass fiber reinforced plastics to composite materials, and these raw materials all have very different surface properties. Plasma surface treatment equipment can combine these materials with stability and high quality.

At present, as consumers have higher and higher expectations for the high performance, good comfort and driving safety of modern cars, car manufacturers are also making deeper and higher technical requirements. Plasma surface treatment technology is a process treatment with the basic premise of high quality, no VOCs, and no chemical emissions. In addition to the application in some of the above-mentioned representative key fields, it also penetrates into more fields in automobile manufacturing, so it is adopted by manufacturers in the industry and has become an indispensable part of each production process.

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