Application of Plasma Surface Processor Technology

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Plasma surface treatment machine, plasma etching technology

1. Folder-gluer plasma polishing processor system

The use of conventional water-based cold glue can make the laminated or glazing cardboard be reliably bonded on the folder gluer. There is no need for partial laminating, partial glazing, surface polishing and tangent processes, and it is also no longer necessary because of differences. The cardboard is replaced with different special glues, etc.

After plasma surface treatment, it can not only enhance its applicability to glue, no longer rely on special glue to achieve high-quality bonding, but also improve the spreading performance of the surface and prevent the generation of bubbles. The most important thing is that the atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment can allow carton manufacturers to obtain higher quality high-end products at a lower cost and higher efficiency.

2. Atmospheric atmospheric pressure ion processor equipment technology

Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment equipment is one of the effective surface cleaning, activation and coating treatment processes. It can be used to treat various materials, including plastic, metal or glass.

The plasma surface treatment machine cleans the surface and can remove the release agent and additives on the surface, and its activation process can ensure the quality of the subsequent bonding process and coating process, and for the coating, it can be further improved The surface characteristics of the composite, using this plasma technology, can efficiently perform surface pretreatment of the material according to specific process requirements.

Plasma surface treatment machine

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