The main application of hot melt adhesive machine

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hot melt glue machine

The main application of hot melt adhesive machine

The hot melt glue machine is mainly used to heat and melt the hot melt glue, spray glue, squeegee glue, roll glue, apply glue, and inject glue automatically. Since it was only used in a limited industry at the beginning, customers in many industries may not have a concept of hot melt adhesive machines and think it is a new type of production equipment. Today, the Keqi hot melt system manufacturer will introduce to you the application of hot melt glue machine.

In the beginning, hot melt adhesive machines were widely used in the shoe industry, and various printing and packaging industries such as backing materials, cartons, cartons, paper bags, and so on, slowly began to use hot melt adhesives for sealing and laminating.

In mainland China, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, hot melt adhesive machines have also begun to be used. In the face of increasing labor costs at the end of the 20th century, it is difficult for companies to recruit workers, which has brought great difficulties to many companies. However, the emergence of automated equipment has gradually changed this situation. The use of automatic equipment for the hot melt machine can effectively replace the manual sizing and bonding of the substrate. Companies that use hot melt machines not only improve the production efficiency of the company, but also improve the bonding process of the product, reduce the scrap rate, and relatively reduce the input cost.

The hot melt glue machine is automatic sol, automatic glue spraying, it can be used alone, or it can be equipped with conveyor belt, manipulator, box sealing machine, box sealing machine, mattress machine, filter machine, furniture machine, woodworking machine, coating machine And so on automation equipment matching.

Installation precautions for hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun

The hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun are indispensable parts of the entire hot melt glue spraying system. The hot melt hose is responsible for heat preservation and transportation of liquid hot melt glue, and the hot melt glue gun is responsible for heating and spraying hot melt glue. The main machine, hot melt hose, and hot melt glue gun all have heating function and the temperature is relatively high. Pay attention to safety during installation and use.

Matters needing attention during the installation of hot melt hose and hot melt glue gun:

1. When installing the hot melt hose, the pressure value of the pressure regulating valve needs to be adjusted to zero.

2. When moving and installing the hot melt glue gun, protect the nozzle.

3. Connect the hot-melt glue gun to the hot-melt hose. The power can be turned on only after the hot-melt hose is connected to the host of the hot-melt glue machine. Pay attention to the alignment of the screws during connection to prevent slippage.

4. The solenoid valve is close to the nozzle to avoid prolonging the switching time.

5. The hot melt hose can be hung during use to avoid moving and abrasion on the ground, especially manual hot melt glue machines, which are basically suspended, which not only protects the hot melt hose, but also saves effort.

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