Dongguan Automation Equipment Company Travel 2019

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Life should not only be work, but also entertainment and leisure

Take off the tooling and let go of the busy

Return to yourself on the journey and embrace nature

Where we walked, the scenery we saw

Will turn into flowers all the way, bloom in the memory of life

In order to thank the employees of KQ for their hard work for the company's development, but also to enhance the cohesion of the employees, enrich the collective life, relax after work, and put into work with a more active and full-spirited look. KQ organized a two-day tourism event in Shaoguan.

First day of travel

Nanhua Temple & Caoxi Hot Spring

Nanhua Temple is one of the famous Buddhist temples in China. It was built in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and after thousands of years, it has also left the footprint of KQ. Although we firmly believe in science and adhere to the development of scientific and technological innovation, we have a respect and admiration for the unique culture handed down from the millennium ancient temple. We also wish our family and friends a healthy and healthy company, and the company is getting better and better!

 After visiting Nanhua Temple, we came to Caoxi Hot Spring, known as the Top Ten Hot Springs in Guangdong, soaking our body in the warm hot springs, stretching every pore of our body, and enjoying a comfortable leisure time.

Second day of travel

Danxia Mountain

Danxia Mountain, whose landform is composed of red sand and gravel, is characterized by the Red Cliff Dan Cliff, and has a long and rich historical and cultural connotation. Take a boat tour to see the strange mountains and rocks, the magic of nature and the magic of nature; climbing the mountain to the top will be the top of the mountain, a glimpse of the small mountains of accomplishment.

The joyous time is always so short, and the two-day journey unknowingly ends in our laughter.

Through this activity, not only the relationship between colleagues was enhanced, but also everyone felt the warmth of the Keqi family.

Because of the same goal and the same

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