Plasma equipment for surface treatment of PET film materials

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Because of its good fatigue resistance, strong toughness, high melting point, excellent isolation performance, solvent resistance, and excellent wrinkle resistance, PET film materials are widely used in packaging, anti-corrosion coatings, capacitor preparation, and tapes, and even medicine and hygiene. It has a wide range of applications in the technical field.

However, due to the low surface free energy of PET film material, its wettability, bondability, and printability are poor, significantly limiting PET film's practical application. Therefore, a plasma cleaning machine is usually used to modify the surface of the PET film material, which will not cause damage to the material matrix while retaining the inherent properties of the PET material.

Plasma surface Treating Equipment

The plasma cleaning machine can improve the surface roughness of the film by etching and introducing a large number of oxygen-containing polar groups on the film's surface to improve the hydrophilicity and surface energy of the PET film. Surface modification of PET film materials. The plasma cleaner also improves the surface energy of the PET film material. Through plasma cleaning machine treatment, a large number of oxygen-containing polar groups can be introduced to the surface of the PET film, thereby increasing the free energy of the surface of the PET film, improving its surface wettability, bondability and printability.

Using the atmospheric jet cyclone plasma cleaner to process the PET film material, it can observe that with the increase of the treatment time of the plasma cleaner, some irregular flake-like structures appear on the surface of the PET film. The roughness of the film surface also increases. The surface of the PET film also shows a large area of the white fine textured structure, and these rough structures are composed of nano-scale fine particles. The plasma cleaner has a specific etching effect on the PET film.

Plasma cleaning uses plasma to treat the surface of the material so that the contaminants on the surface of the sample are removed and can also improve its surface activity. For different pollutants, can use different cleaning processes. According to the different types of plasma generated, plasma cleaning is divided into chemical, physical, and physical-chemical cleaning.

Plasma cleaning is a high-precision dry cleaning method. The surface of the workpiece is treated by chemical reaction or physical action to realize the removal of contamination at the molecular level (generally, the thickness is 3~30nm) and improve the surface activity. Corresponding to different pollutants should use different cleaning processes to achieve the best cleaning effect.

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