Factors influencing the price of atmospheric Plasmatreat Equipment

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Plasmatreat Equipment is widely used in the market. Compared with vacuum plasma cleaning machine, atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine is simpler and relatively low in price. It can effectively solve the problem of most industries. Need, mainly used to treat objects with flat surfaces.

The atmospheric pressure plasma nozzle adopts air purification, it is basically no cost to use, and only needs to pay some electricity fees. If according to the standard, the atmospheric pressure plasma nozzle is actually a power generator and nozzle, and various styles are customized in actual applications.

As compared with vacuum plasma cleaning machine, the price difference is small, so the main factors affecting atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine are as follows:

★.The first is the power generator, whether it is an atmospheric machine or a vacuum pump, the power generator is necessary. The power generator is divided into an intermediate frequency power supply and a radio frequency power supply, as well as domestic imported power supplies. The intermediate frequency power supply of atmospheric plasma cleaners is the most widely used in China. The reason is that the price is cheap, and there are fewer imported power supplies for atmospheric plasma cleaning machines.

★.The second factor is the type of nozzle. The nozzle of the atmospheric pressure machine is direct injection, rotary, and the size of the rotary nozzle is larger, up to 7 cm in diameter. The price of the rotary nozzle is slightly higher than that of the direct injection nozzle.

★.Third, the non-standard customization of atmospheric pressure machines. The atmospheric pressure machines are usually assembled by dozens of machines. For example, every link in the assembly of mobile phones requires plasma treatment and automatic design. These auxiliary equipment are even better than The atmospheric pressure plasma cleaner itself is also expensive.

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