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      For logistics products, KQ has already prepared a solution for adhesive tape and release paper, combining hot melt adhesive machine and release paper device. This is designed to save energy and reduce emissions and reduce production costs. It can replace the traditional double-sided adhesive process, which is safer, more convenient and more economical.


      ① Stable: fast preheating, stable use, reducing the worries of users; 

      ② wide applicability: no strict requirements for product materials, can be widely applied to various products; 

      ③ fast bonding: it can be completed in a few seconds, and it is not easy to spill or leak.


      ① Strong adhesion: It can still maintain stable adhesion under the temperature environment of 40-60 ° C, which greatly reduces the occurrence of glue opening and false adhesion;

      ②Environment-friendly and pollution-free: it is used in the express packaging industry to make easy-to-remove bags and easy-to-remove cardboard boxes, reducing the use of transparent tape;

      ③Improve product value: reduce the use of sealing stickers and heat shrinkable film, the box can display the brand image more completely;

      ④ Simplify packaging and improve efficiency: release paper is easy to tear, simple and fast.

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